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Soil Metrics is powering profitable, climate-smart agriculture through actionable business intelligence. Our cutting edge research and commercial software turn field level data into quantifiable soil carbon insights. The information we capture, analyze and model enables land users to take proactive steps to reduce their carbon footprint, increase the market value of their land, and generate income from earned carbon credits.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture economic sector accounted for 10 percent of total U.S. emissions in 2019. Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture have increase by 12 percent since 1990.

Our products and services have applications for the entire value chain from land users and input and implement providers to carbon credit issuers and large consumer brands. Using the best soil measurement and modeling system available, Soil Metrics and its partners are collectively advancing the climate change dialogue and outlook.

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Gain access to GGIT, the most comprehensive Global Greenhouse Inventory Tool in the world, and participate in a thriving carbon economy and climate. 

Soil Carbon Expertise

The Carbon Economy

Voluntary carbon markets offer attainable opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions while increasing farmer profitability. Through data empowerment, Soil Metrics facilitates the link between carbon markets and land use stakeholders.

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