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We’re a passionate team of data scientists and climate change wonks who believe in the power of information to catalyze positive action. We measure and model soil carbon data to shed light on land usage and associated greenhouse gas emissions. 


Our goal is to empower decision makers across industries and stakeholder groups with scientifically sound business and climate intelligence. We’re able to do this using the most advanced, universally accepted modeling system, DayCent, that’s been decades in the making. Some of the world’s foremost scientists and mathematicians are behind the DayCent model we use including close associates of Soil Metrics. Together, we’re equipping land use managers and the infrastructure that supports them with intel to maximize their profitability while minimizing their carbon footprint.


By helping to decarbonize the supply chain we can ensure a more sustainable and equitable future for all.


Empower land stewards with data-driven knowledge to inform and reward sustainable land use practices.


A thriving global food system driven by informed land stewards who are rewarded for making land use decisions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote healthier ecosystems. 

Core Values


We believe access to scientific insights and knowledge is a fundamental human right, not a privilege. In this spirit, Soil Metrics openly shares our data, methods and analyses. We actively pursue transparency in our work for the betterment of the business, our field and society as a whole.


Fundamental to transparency is honesty. We’re unabashedly honest at Soil Metrics. In being forthright with our colleagues and customers, we’re able to more quickly get to the information that matters and that our stakeholders really need to know.


In a world full of uncertainties, scientific fact becomes more important. Our strength and credibility is rooted in our deep commitment to finding, sharing and upholding the facts in everything we do. We rely on science as the foundation for our business.


We’re scientists, mathematicians, climate change wonks, and more, but it’s the end-game that keeps us motivated… the vision of a thriving global food supply chain and economy that’s contributing to a more sustainable environment.

A Thriving Carbon Economy & Climate

With Soil Metrics data intelligence and subject matter expertise and a willingness on the part of land use stakeholders to take positive action, there is real hope for the future of our climate. Together we have the opportunity to drive climate-smart carbon solutions and a thriving carbon economy. The net result? More profitable businesses and a healthier planet for all.
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