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Meet the Team

brad justice

Brad Justice

Chief Executive Officer, Soil Metrics

mark easter

Mark Easter

Co-Founder and Vice President of Research & Development, Soil Metrics

hailey summers

Hailey Summers

Director of Modeling & Technology, Soil Metrics

keith paustian

Dr. Keith Paustian

Co-Founder, Soil Metrics Director,
Soil Carbon Solution Center University Distinguished Professor & Senior Research Scientist, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University

amy swan

Amy Swan

Co-Founder, Soil Metrics
Project Scientist, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University

kevin brown

Kevin Brown

Co-Founder, Soil Metrics
CEO, Axios Software Lead Software Engineer,
Paustian Group at Colorado State University

Our Partners

Soil Carbon Solution Center, Colorado State University

The mission of the Soil Carbon Solution Center is to develop applied soil-based solutions and bring them to scale, globally, as a key CO2 removal technology and to improve food, fiber and bioenergy production grounded in environmental, economic and social sustainability. The Soil Carbon Solutions Center conducts the research and builds the tools needed to implement meaningful soil carbon accounting at scale and measure the impacts on producer livelihoods.

csu ram
Axios Software

Axios is Soil Metric’s software development partner, specializing in the transformation of science into scalable software tools. Its team of software engineers has extensive experience with Soil Metric’s underlying software having produced it at Colorado State University.

regenerative farming

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carbon credits
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